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Iran-India Oil Pipeline Pipedreams

In the Iran sponsored imbroglio in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province, the one country that is being made out an ass is India, whose pro-communist left leaning petroleum minister Mani Shankar Aiyar wants an Indo-Pak-Iranian oil pipeline, thru which oil would flow into India from Iran. Aiyar has fat hopes that this pipeline would not be blown up by the Balouch rebels. Happenings in Iraq should give a pointer to how vulnerable oil pipelines and infrastructure is, given the very high inflammability of oil that makes for the ease of causing dramatic explosions and sustained fires thereafter.

India's pro-communist anti-American petroleum minister, Mani Shankar Aiyar


India vainly wants assurances from Islamabad that Pakistan will be a good neighbor in the future and that militant tribesmen in Pakistan's southwestern province of Baluchistan will pose no threat to a pipeline running through their territory. As though the unrest is of Pakistan's making, although the Pakistanis would have their own reason to disrupt oil from flowing into India. Last week Mani was a guest of the Saudis to build another of his pipedreams a Delhi-Riyadh-Tehran axis. This man needs to be watched for his being a harmful irritant in US-India relations.

Incidentally, last week, Baluch tribals attacked production facilities in Pakistan's biggest gas field last month, disrupting supplies to the rest of the country for several days, to give an indicator of how safe this pipeline to India will be. But who can change Mani pipeline pipedreams in the light of these geopolitical realities.

Story Credits : Washington Times

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