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The case for the Liberation of Iran

- “Referendum, referendum instead of your phony elections...we want no mullah, nor sheikh, we curse YOU, Rushollah...”

While hundreds of thousands of Iranians poured into the streets of cities all across Iran last night to both celebrate the victory of Iran over Japan in Friday ‘s Soccer match as well as to demonstrate their hatred of the Mullahcracy, the regime’s television broadcast admitted to the widespread protests calling the celebrants “fools and champions of exhibitionist foreign invaders.” ...

People had come out in the streets of the nation and threw their homemade grenades and firecrackers (left over from the New Year’s festival of fire) and in unison loudly chanted anti-regime slogans. As a result, the 9 o’clock news was continuously disrupted and the deafening sounds of the fireworks and grenades which had the anchors frightened, forced them to cut the live feed to reread the news over and over again.

Though the protests were intense and extensive, the protestors, as always were responsible and mindful not hurt anyone, continuously chanting their slogans; in certain parts of the capital plain-clothes mercenaries and the regime’s thugs brutally attacked and waged bloodshed. In one of the city squares where people had gathered, many of the demonstrators were women who refused to keep the scarves and veils on. As the anti-riot forces attacked people with metal pipes, clubs and chains thousands began chanting in rhymes: “People join us and condemn the executioners and oppressors...death to dictators...get lost hired killer mercenaries...” ...

In areas of northern Tehran, people chanted slogans directed at the U.S. administration: “Bush, Bush, support, protection...”

Upon hearing these slogans the revolutionary guards stormed the protestors but the enormity of the crowd alarmed them into recoiling down the street to join their core of their street command units; these units were comprised of knife and machete-wielding career criminals who began stabbing and slashing people. This however did not stop people from continuing the anti-regime slogans. They repeated: “Referendum, referendum instead of your phony elections...we want no mullah, nor sheikh, we curse YOU, Rushollah” (Rushollah for Ayatollah Rushollah Khomeini, the late leader of Iran’s Islamic regime).”

Optional Scenarios if the USA does not denuclearize Iran soon and allows Iran to develop nuclear weapons

- Loss of face in front of the world.

- Impression amongst Allies that the US is not going to be consistent and decisive in the war against terror.

- Al Qaeda and other Terrorist organisations will be emboldened to strike the US in a way that would be even more devastating than 9/11.

- The Mullahs will gloat over their second survival and after having once survived an ambivalent Carter administration during the Embassy Hostage Crisis in the 1979 and so prepare to more brazenly extend their co-ordination with Islamic terrorist organisations.

- They will be emboldened to be less circumspect with their, so far tacit, links with Al Qaeda (remember their sheltering Osama’s son, Mohammed bin Laden and other bigwigs of the Al Qaeda).

- The Mullahs will be emboldened to finance terrorist strikes more brazenly across the globe (remember their openly calling for the destruction of Israel).

- They will go full steam ahead with their nuclear program (remember it was only the US pressure so far and their fear of an Israeli pre-emptive strike at their nuclear reactors have made them so far hide behind the façade of a peaceful nuclear program solely for the purpose of energy (sic).

- The Mullahs will be emboldened to strike the US surreptitiously using proxy terror organizations (remember the Hezbollah attacks on our marines in Beirut in the 1980s).

- Other Islamic terror sponsoring states like Sudan and Syria and other non-state terror actors, will also be emboldened to defy and strike at the US and the West.

- It would be a psychological defeat for the West in general, and for the USA in particular, and a psychological victory for terrorism.

So folks, make your choice.

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