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American Troop withdrawal plans and news highlights about Sunnis being tortured by Shiite prison guards and link of these two happenings with the Saudi-Iranian Sunni-Shiite Proxy War that has already started in Iraq

Many people today scoff at the possibility of a Shiite-Sunni war and our role in sponsoring it. But what we say here is supported by events happening around us today. All our important news networks have started with exposing the Shiite atrocities on Sunni prisoners while we have also started making subtle noises of troop reduction. Both of these developments will to help escalate the Shiite-Sunni war in Iraq.

The insurgency in Saudi Arabia, when it starts, will be a copy cat Iraqi case where the Shiites are a majority in the oil rich provinces from which if they secede would leave the Sunnis in the rest of Saudi Arabia high and dry. This possibility is already on its way in Iraq and the Iranians (and Iraqi Shiites) would try to extend this model into Saudi Arabia.

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In brief, we have stoked the Shiite-Sunni war in the Arab world and now we will withdraw to let the two murderous clans slug it out. We shall of course fan the flames to spread them all over the Arab and Islamic world. What better way to fight an enemy by diving him and making him fight in a Shiite-Sunni civil war?

Our bread is buttered on both sides!

Talking about a regional Shiite-Sunni war we also need to point a finger at the eight year long Iran-Iraq war (which too was a Shiite- Sunni war by proxy) did not lead to a Shiite-Sunni war anywhere. These critics miss one important point. The Iran-Iraq war was indeed a proxy Shiite-Sunni war, but then the situation did not warrant the moving of Sunni Mujahideen to help Sunni Baathist ruled Iraq in fighting Iran. Nevertheless the Arab regimes like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, bankrolled Iraq's war by sending in their petrodollar wealth to finance Iraq's war effort. This showed the Pan- Sunni element was working during that war too.

And today in the scenario of porous borders we have a Shiite regime that is strengthening its position day-by-day in Iraq is being destabilized in its efforts to do so by a pan Arab Sunni insurgency. And Iraq with its oil rich Shiite provinces has a copy cat situation in Saudi Arabia with its own north eastern oil rich Shiite dominated provinces in a Sunni (Wahabi) Saudi Arabia. In this situation Iran will sooner or later try to retaliate against the Saudi led Sunni insurgency in Iraq through a Shiite insurgency in north eastern Saudi Arabia. So the possibility of a regional Shiite-Sunni power struggle from coming about is not all that specious and bizarre. But to realize that in the Iraqi insurgency lie the germs of a cross border Shiite-Sunni war that will spill into the Shiite dominated oil rich province of Saudi Arabia would require some extent of candidness and foresight.

Many Muslims and their communist friends would dismiss this idea as they are extremely uncomfortable with the possibility itself. For they know that in it lies the beginning of the doom of Islam being a monolithic bloc focused exclusively on the destruction of Israel and bringing death to the Great Satan America the common enemy of the Communists and the Muslims.

The Sunni Arab regimes by fomenting insurgency in Iraq speak louder than their words promising to stabilize Iraq

But the leaders of the major Sunni and Shiite powers in the Middle East know the potential of the happenings in Iraq. There is already an undeclared Saudi-Iranian proxy war already on in Iraq. As the Iran- Iraq war was a Shiite-Sunni war by proxy, today's blossoming insurgency in Iraq is a Saudi-Iranian (Sunni-Shiite)war by proxy. And with the Saudis are lined up other Sunni Arab nations like Yemen, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Egypt, Syria (although ruled by the Shiite sub- sect Alawites). None of these nations have declared any belligerent intentions against the Shiites or against Iran, but all of them turn a Nelson's eye to the Sunnis youths from their countries who are making a beeline for blowing themselves up in Iraq.

More so, none of these nation stop their clerics from delivering sermons on their soil inciting the youths to wage a holy(sic) war against the American occupiers(sic) in Iraq. Although the sermons mention America as the enemy in Iraq, the fight increasingly is against the Shiite led Iraqi government. The targets increasingly are Iraqi military men and police who are overwhelmingly Shiite. This way the actions of the Sunni Arab regimes speak louder than their words.

The Iranians will use the Shiite Card while the Saudis use the pan- Arab card.

We shall see in the coming months how the Iranians use the Shiite Card while the Saudis use the Pan-Arab Card against each other. In the Shiite-Sunni war, the Iranians and the Saudis have their own constituency to use as a cat's paw against each other. While the Iranians have been far more successful with their proxies like the Badr Brigades and SCIIRI in Iraq, the Saudis have quietly built bridges with the Arab minority residing in the Fars province in South- Western Iran.

This rivalry predates Islam and goes back to the Zoroastrian Sassanid empire. The Saudis had been able to provoke the Arab minority in Iran to indulge in Bomb blasts in Fars in south western Iran. These bomb blasts are not the last word on disturbances in Iran. We Americans have nothing to lose from a destabilized Iran. These Iranian Arabs although Shiites have greater affinity with the Arabs than with the Persian Iranians. The coming months will see how this dynamic works itself out with the Iranians trying to sink their claws into the oil rich Shiite dominated north eastern provinces of Dhahran and Al Khobar in Saudi Arabia.

The insurgency in Saudi Arabia will be a copy cat Iraqi case where the Shiites are a majority in the oil rich provinces from which if they secede would leave and the Sunnis in the rest of Saudi Arabia high and dry. This possibility is already on its way in Iraq and the Iranians (and Iraqi Shiites) would try to extend this model into Saudi Arabia. The possibility of the oil rich Shiite provinces of Saudi Arabia seceding from the Saudi Arabia is remote, but even the faintest thought of it would make the Saudis Paranoid and run for the apron strings of the USA. We only need to remember how the Saudis called us in when Saddam threatened the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) after overrunning Iraq in 1990.

Saddam at least was a fellow Arab, the Iranians are hoary rivals apart from being apostate Shiites in Sunni eyes. This would make the Saudis even more jittery when they see Iranians winning the proxy war of pitting the Shiites against the Sunnis in Iraq which would be a model for destabilizing Saudi Arabia. And with the Americans being called in again by the Saudis, the Al Qaeda would get a further impetus to destabilize the Saudi regime for reasons of their own for which the Al Qaeda will work in tandem with the Iranian Mullahs.

All this may sound like a pipedream, but the fact that Saudis have already started building bridges with the Arab minority in the Fars province in Iran is an indicator that the above is not hearsay. The coming few months will see the insurgency in Iraq becoming more violent and this violence spreading to the Fars province in Iran and to Dhahran and Al Khobar in Saudi Arabia.

Those in our nation who put oil interests above national security will go down the drain when to take revenge on us for having stoked the Shiite-Sunni war the Al Qaeda baddies do a dirty or real boom in downtown Manhattan - we hope not but this is what will happen when the Shiites and Sunnis start the mutual bloodletting in real earnest.

Then the Islamo-fascists will use their ultimate weapon that they have been hiding in some cellar down here in our midst.

The oil lobby will be sidelined with an US military administrator who will take charge of conducting the war on terror and the constitution of Jefferson and Washington will be given the go by for some time at least, till we do our enemies in. This has been presaged by one no less than General Tommy Franks, Retired. CIC of our forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The 4th world war will start in real earnest then with Hiroshimas all over the Islamic crescent, but till then it is the Shiite-Sunni war that will steal the headlines.

The time is ripe for us to scoot and make a run for it and do this real FAST. Do it NOW (before the Iraqi civil war hots up, becomes really boiling hot as the Sahara Desert on a Summer midday!)

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